24th May, 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

High Impact leadership

Martin Luther King, Jr. rightly quoted “A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus, but a molder of consensus” And Peter Drucker, Management Guru, said “ Management is doing things right and Leadership is doing right thing”

So have you ever wondered why a CEO is paid well?

They lead the team & take decisions that have long term and deep impact on organisations. They need to have all and more qualities like, calculations, foresight, people management, risk taking, delegation, communication, initiative taking, understanding data, and vision in ambiguity As we grow, we assume and naturally progress in managerial and leadership positions. Changing business environments call for dynamic leading styles. Success and failures are attributed to respective mentoring style.

About the Master Class 2019

In this seminar you will be learning:
  • The leadership model
  • Creating a vision and motivating willful participation
  • Developing capabilities
  • Delivering results
  • Skills and responsibilities of an emerging leader, and
  • Engaging across boundaries
  • Certificate from Premium UK Institution

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What is High Impact leadership?

Our High Impact Leadership Program encourages participants to unlock the potential in themselves and others. A hands-on insight into authentic leadership, this program teaches participants how to strategically utilise social media and personal development plans, while adopting a ‘Positive Psychology’ to inspire employees . Over one day, participants will be encouraged to challenge the way that management is viewed in the modern market and consider their own path to becoming the brightest leaders of tomorrow.


Frequently Asked Questions

High Impact Leadership, explains the importance of approaching leadership as an ever-evolving relationship. Inspiring your team requires awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses to provide authentic leadership that drives change and launches your organization into the future.

The session would be held for 3hours on 24th May 2019. The day Selected is a Friday so all learners and participants can be a part of with ease.

Other than immense knowledge and a perspective of looking at obstacles with innovative ideas, all Participants will be awarded certificate from TROVE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, UK. Now isn’t that Amazing!

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Dubai United Arab Emirates